EDEN Artificial Lawn

EDEN Artificial Lawn

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The Extreme series EDEN artificial lawn has 42 mm high fibers, which give it a "wild" look. Dense soft fibers prevent injuries to children and toddlers. The grass has a strong green color interlaced with shades of naturally dry grass – it is one of the most beautiful and unique lawns on the market.

Model: EDEN Extreme series

Fiber height: 42 mm

Structure: thick curled fiber, for maximum support when treaded upon.

Weight: 3.5 kg ± 10P

Color: four shades; dark green, light green, brown and primrose.

Stich width: 3/8 inch

Roll width: 2 / 4 meters

Drainage: 60 liters per minute per each m2.

Infrastructure: triple layered latex (PP & Net & SBR Glue Latex)

UV protection: Level 7

Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years.

UV Protector

Comprehensive Warranty

ISO Quality Standards

Fire Retardant

Non Toxic - safe for kids

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