The synthetic grass industry has developed a lot in recent years – with the demand, many products appeared on the market and it is very difficult to distinguish between them.
In this article we will explain how to choose synthetic grass for the garden and what the differences between the different types.

Type of use

Check whether the chosen synthetic grass fits the use and where it is intended to install it. Synthetic grass is now produced in a variety of models and types suitable for installation at home gardens, sports fields, public areas and more…


The more dense the synthetic grass is, it is considered of higher quality. In places with a lot of treading choose a synthetic grass with high density and vice versa. Ask the importer to introduce you to the technical specifications of the product. That way you’ll be able to make a proper comparison between the different models in the market.

Fiber height

Avoid types of synthetic grass with short fibers, below 25 mm – are eroded fast and aren’t resistant to treading. It is also advised not to choose synthetic grass with fibers higher than 45 mm, since they are easily lie, which will hamper the grass look.

Personal taste

The world’s leading enterprises, have managed to produce synthetic grass in recent years that really looks natural. After you have selected the correct fiber density for you, choose the colors and texture according to your personal taste. Our recommendation is to be impressed by synthetic grass installed in a garden or in the company’s display. Only after you see the grass is installed alongside natural plants and other decorative accessories, it will be easier for you to make the right decision

Product quality

Check whether the synthetic grass has undergone all the necessary production processes: UV protection to protect the fibers color from the sun, flame retardants to prevent disaster from fires and ISO standard given to manufacturers who are committed to international quality control. Please note that the leading importers will usually present the necessary documents on the company’s website.


the best manufacturers, provide a product warranty of at least five years for their qualitative models. Make sure you get an original warranty card of the official importer when you purchase, and not just an oral promise.


High quality synthetic grass will require a high initial financial investment from you, but would be very lucrative in the long term. The price range varies according to the parameters mentioned here and that is why you can find synthetic grass at the price 25 NIS and models that will cost 200 NIS or more.

When choosing synthetic grass, don’t be tempted just by low price. Low price equals low quality grass with low fiber density. You should invest in a quality product that will last and will serve you for years.

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