Artificial Grass Buying Tips

Artificial Grass Buying Tips

Choosing Synthetic Grass

Beginners Guide

Buying Artificial Grass? Read the useful tips first.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the right synthetic grass for you.

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Type of use

Select a synthetic grass according to the usage and the area in which it will be installed. Synthetic grass is currently produced in a variety of models for various uses: sports, gardens, play areas, interior areas, balconies, public – institutional and business.

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Density Artificial grass

Synthetic grass with high density will be more resistant to treading and will remain vertical and beautiful over time. In places where there is extensive use, choose a synthetic grass with high density and vice versa.

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Where to buy?

It is always recommended to purchase synthetic grass directly from the importers. This is the way to get the best value for your money! The importer’s warehouses sell products directly from the importer to the consumer!

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Personal taste

Feel the synthetic grass fibers, walk through it, feel it and check which model is the most soft and pleasant for you. In order to get a better impression of synthetic grass, you should visit the company’s display and see it installed alongside plants and other garden accessories.

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The best manufacturers provide long-term warranty for quality models. Usually 3-7 years – check what the warranty includes, is the warranty comprehensive? Make sure that at the time of purchase you are given an original warranty certificate from the official importer.

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Quality synthetic grass is very lucrative in the long run because it saves on the costs of gardening. The price range is extensive and the range varies from 20 NIS to 120 NIS per square meter according to the parameters mentioned above.

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Synthetic grass with high fiber weight is considered to be of higher quality. High fiber density = high material weight. Want quality synthetic grass? Want quality synthetic grass? Choose a type with high fiber weight. 

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Fibers Height

Avoid selecting short synthetic turf fibers. They wear easily and will not be durable for years. On the other hand, a synthetic grass with too long fibers will lie and get the appearance of a carpet. Choose a fiber height between 25-45 mm This is our recommendation!

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Quality standards

Check whether the synthetic grass has all the necessary standards: UV protection, flame retardants, non-toxicity standards and whether it is manufactured in factories that are committed to ISO standards.

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