Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers

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Railway sleepers are a kind of wooden beams whose initial use was to build railway tracks around the world. The wooden beam was located perpendicular to the railroad tracks, where its main function was to stabilize the load on the train and bring balance to the load.

The engineer George Stevenson designed the first railway line, and he determined a universal width for the construction of the track; this width is known all over the world and is even named after him. The railways were first built from wood, and then other materials, such as iron, steel, and concrete, were also incorporated. This is the method that was common, and after the integration of additional materials began, the need for wooden rails decreased.

Railway Sleepers as Decorations

The old railroad sleepers that were put out of use found a particularly creative solution in the field of construction. Thus, the wooden beams began to be used for separation and design purposes for yards, gardens, public complexes, and industrial areas. The wood from which the railway sleepers are made is heavy and massive, so it is excellent for use in the field of gardening and furniture.

In addition to its high quality, the train sill has a unique style that makes it a spectacularly beautiful vintage item. Each wooden beam is special in itself, and connecting several beams together can create garden furniture, frames, decorative decorations, and basically any creative solution you want.

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Railway Sleeper - Maximum Durability!

The railway sleepers are heavy and massive, which makes them resistant to various weather damages. This is one of the main reasons they were used to build the railroads. The durability of the wooden strips gives them strength and many advantages, including protection against excessively high or low temperatures and a high chance of resisting various damages such as rain, snow, or storms.

Environment Sustainability

Not only is the use of railway sleepers efficient and decorative, but it is also environmentally friendly. The conversion of railway sleepers for different purposes contributes to environmental circulation and the utilization of existing raw materials for a variety of different purposes. Not only do we enjoy the unique look, but the environment also thanks us for the dual use. Environmental recycling and sustainability are very important and meaningful values ​​in our modern world.

How To Lay Railway Sleepers In The Garden?

So how do you install the train sleepers? First of all dig trenches in the ground and placed in the desired manner. It is possible to fix the sills to each other by bracing or supporting them with another material, such as bezants which are stuck in the ground, just like pegs. For assembling furniture, it is recommended to use a professional with the appropriate equipment in order to plan correctly and prevent injury to both the person and the item.

How to lift and move heavy railway sleepers?

These heavy beams are often transported using a crane due to their heavy weight. The crane truck can “drive” the sill to its place of placement and unload it. Also, the sill can be transported in any vehicle designed for heavy loads. Although the sill is very heavy, if properly lifted, two or three people will be able to carry it relatively easily.

בולי עץ לדשא

Size & Weight of Railway Sleepers

First of all, you should plan your area and calculate the quantity, length, and size of the railway sleepers you want to purchase. The railway sleepers that are imported to Israel from the USA have a standard size of about 2.6 meters in length and about 25 centimeters in width, along with about 15 centimeters in thickness. The measurements here are approximate because each sill is slightly different from its neighbor. Investing the remaining pieces in the ground can compensate for the different lengths or widths.

Railway Sleepers Prices

In many situations it’s probably best to contact the official importer. The official importer knows the origin of the product and its quality. and will be able to give you reliable and professional information for your requirement.

 The price of a single railway sleeper varies between NIS 200-300 on average. There are other characteristics that affect the price, such as the type of wood, its condition, and the country of production. It is worthwhile to physically come to the exhibition space and examine the wooden beams with your own eyes, not only from an online picture.

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