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Super Green Glue – a single ingredient shock and high traffic resistant; the glue maintains its strength under humid conditions as well as extreme heat and cold temperatures. The artificial turfs are glued to each other by spreading the Super Green Glue on the PVC adhesive tape. Using this glue the artificial turfs can be glued directly to hard surfaces such as floors, concrete, asphalt, and wood surfaces. Spread a thin layer over the installation surface or the PVC adhesive tape and attach the artificial turfs to it (for more information see: installation instructions).

Extreme Temperatures Resistant 

No Disintegration on Contact with Water 

Shock Resistant

Additional Products
  • FAST FLOW Infrastructure

    FAST FLOW Infrastructure

    he Fast Flow draining infrastructure is the Perfect Solution for dealing with draining problems when installing artificial turfs on hard surfaces.

  • PVC Adhesive Tape

    PVC Adhesive Tape

    specially strong and flexible PVC adhesive tapes; used for joining artificial turfs together. The adhesive tapes are glued using a designated green glue.

  • Geo-Technical Sheet

    Geo-Technical Sheet

    he geo-technical sheet is designed to prevent weed growth in the artificial lawn's installation area by darkening the area and preventing the photosynthesis process. In addition, the sheet serves as a