Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden

Antique Garden - Buy Online Vintage Collectible Items!

Deshe Kavua imports unique vintage items for designing outdoor areas. Carriage wheels, plows, wooden barrels, old working tools and more.

These items are used as decorative items in businesses, event gardens, balconies, public areas and gardens. Vintage items let you provide your garden with a decorative item that everyone will be talking about – all of the items we import are ancient and authentic.

Deshe Kavua is your supplier for Antique & Vintage Garden Furniture, Decor & Accessories – Direct price from the importer to the consumer!

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Many customers have asked us for complementary products for garden design. When we started checking the ornamental products for garden design, we realized that we didn’t want to import any more banal products that are available on dozens of other websites.

We discovered that the new trend in the world of design is vintage, which combines new products with old ones, and this is where the idea was born to import antique objects and accessories for exterior design. We work with antique dealers and professional collectors who find antique items that were used decades ago by the gardening and agriculture industry and bring them to Israel. All the items that are imported by us are ancient and authentic and some of them have even undergone a restoration and conservation procedure in order to be suitable for re-use for exterior design.

Ancient plows

Plows were agricultural tools for cultivating agricultural fields and were considered for centuries as advanced work tools for plowing and sowing. In the early years, farmers would pull the plows themselves. In a later period, oxen, horses and beasts were used for the plowing work.

The function of the plowing operation was to turn the soil and soften it, thus allowing the seeds to be absorbed better into the soil. In the act of plowing, the living area of ​​weeds would be reduced and the surface of the earth would be made more airy and convenient for planting.

Today, plows and agricultural tools are used as rustic design items for gardens, event halls, squares and public spaces. You can find a wide variety of plows from different periods of history. Each agricultural tool is authentic and unique and behind it an interesting story about the history of agriculture in Israel and around the world.

עתיקות לגינה

Wooden carriage wheels

Wooden carriage wheels are desirable items for garden design. Today, antiques have become an integral part of the world of lifestyle and exterior design. Ancient carriage wheels were part of carriages and wagons at the end of the 19th century and were used by people and entire industries as a central means of transportation in everyday life.


Most of the wagons did not survive but the wagon wheels were kept in barns, warehouses and isolated and remote villages. Antique collectors, known in the industry as Pickers, travel around Europe and collect the various wheels and antiques. At Maxi we work in cooperation with local merchants throughout Europe who make sure to send us a large selection of items in a wide selection of prices.

Antiques for the garden - directly from the importer

The founders of the DESHE KAVUA company, antique enthusiasts and passionate collectors, decided to import several items many years ago. Customers who came across the items, asked to incorporate them into projects of setting up gardens with synthetic grass. The items began to merge, in the daily work of the company, in the installation of gardens, balconies, public areas, event gardens and businesses. Of course, over time, the demand for unique design items increases and that is why we regularly import antiques for exterior design from around Europe.


Old plows and chariot wheels - a little history in the garden!

The process of finding the wheels and the various items is interesting and complex. We import vintage items, collected throughout Europe and bring them to Israel – all items are authentic, ancient and unique.

Our collectors (known in the industry as Pickers) move between villages, scan old warehouses and hangars in search of the rarest and most authentic items – just like in the television show AMERICAN PICKERS on the History Channel.

Have you seen a vintage item that you like? Don't let it slip away!

Many times, customers are very interested in a certain item and by the time they manage to reach us, it has already been snapped up. Since these are authentic items, the rabbi will not be able to find an identical item. Have you seen an item you must get? We reserved it for you in a telephone transaction. We will send you pictures and a video of the item on WhatsApp, so that you can be 100% sure that this is the item you are interested in before purchasing.

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