Artificial Grass Maintenance

Useful Tips

Deshe Kavua’s artificial grass does not require maintenance care, but it is recommended to clean it if needed. Here are some useful tips for you:


It is very easy to clean artificial grass using the following tools:

  • Leaf rake
  • Water pipe
  • Leaf blower and/or vacuum cleaner
  • Road sweeper and/or hard brush

Pets and other animals

Pets do not usually defecate over artificial grass, but on soil. In case of an “accident”, remove the feces and wash with water.

Insects and parasites are not attracted to artificial grass. In case they do show up, check for food leftovers between the fibers and remove them.


Weeds do not usually grow around synthetic grass as the geo-technical carpet and the artificial grass foundations are lightproof. In case the weeds do show up, uproot them and spray herbicide.

Important to know:

  • Avoid contact of artificial grass fibers with fire. Cigarettes and coals might singe the fibers. Don’t worry, our grass contains fire retardants and is safe in these cases.
  • Do not spill chemicals and liquefying materials over the artificial grass fibers – they must be cleaned with water merely.
  • Do not ride engine vehicles over the artificial grass carpet.

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